Production Services

We are a New Mexico based production company with a National clientele and that comes with a special skillset.  At 8beat films we work with studios, networks and producers to help bring their projects to fruition, by minimizing production costs, and identifying special production incentives in the State of NM.   Our services include:


Navigating the NM Film Tax Credit

New Mexico’s Film Production Tax Incentive is among the most favorable in the world offering up to 35% refundable tax credit on qualifying production expenses.

At 8beat films, we facilitate the tax credit process for out-of-state production companies to ensure that you maximize your incentive and return when you shoot in New Mexico.

Our team regularly takes advantage of the NM tax incentive and we understand the process intimately. We want to share this knowledge with you!


Hiring World Class Crew and Cast

The New Mexico Film Industry is booming like never before giving us access to some of the best artists and technicians in the world.

8beat films works with you to find the right crew members and cast for your next production. We have deep relationships with the talented members of the NM Film Scene and we love pairing the right team with the right production.


Sourcing industry-standard film equipment

Need a Russian Arm for your next shoot? A Process Trailer? Drone work?

Whether you need special equipment or just standard camera, grip, electric and production packages, we can help connect you with the most competitive vendors in the state, all of which will qualify for the NM Tax Incentive.

Our longstanding relationships with our vendors mean we get to help save you money while getting you the gear you need for your next production.


Working with our local film unions

Our experience in producing union projects in New Mexico has given us the knowledge and relationships necessary to help productions make important decisions related to our local film unions.

Whether your production is IATSE, Teamster, SAG, WGA or DGA, any combination or none of the above, we can help you understand the rules here in New Mexico.


Building schedules and budgets

Our team is experienced in building schedules and budgets for feature films, music videos, commercials, and other visual media. Union or Non-Union, 8beat films is here to help you customize your board and budget to the realities (and incentives) of New Mexico production.

8 Beat Films has partnered with the New Mexico Spotlight Foundation to offer productions the option of fiscal sponsorship for projects that employ New Mexico creatives. NMSF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides fiduciary oversight of charitable contributions to qualifying productions. Through fiscal sponsorship and nonprofit fundraising, applicable donations are tax-deductible