About 8beat Films

We love storytelling. Our mission, whether for a narrative film or a national brand, is to use digital video to tell well-crafted stories that give new perspective and understanding of human nature, and ultimately make the world a better place.

On each project, we take on, we couple the right talent with the right story. We work with a broad group of creatives, each with a distinct style and skillset so that every project we deliver is cutting edge and unique in vision.

8beat films is a full-service production company focused on providing high quality commercial & branding video production services to a wide array of small businesses and corporations.

We can help your business create first class commercials, industrials, and informational video content to help increase sales and consumer engagement. 

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1600 Rosecrans Ave. Bldg. 1A 2nd Fl. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266